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Anser 2U cartridge S2

Anser 2U cartridge S2

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Anser ink shipped from Solutions BoomPack will only function in printers programmed for use in the Canada


Compatible with:

U2 ProS and U2 MobileS

Targeting on PET, Nylon, Aluminium, and BOPP

  • Short Drying time
  • Long Decap time
  • Scratch resistance
  • High optical density
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Additional Information



Suitable printer
U2 ProS and U2 MobileS

Ink Type
Solvent Base

Number of printable “A”
20 066 889 at 2.7mm (0.11 inch) height

Drying time
< 3 seconds (substrate dependent)

Max print height
12.7mm (0.5 inch)


Number of nozzles

Print distance
< 6mm (0.25 inch)

Operation temperature
15 C – 30 C (59 F – 95 F)

Operating humidity
35 – 80%

> 9 months at room temperature

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