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STR555 Strapping machine

STR555 Strapping machine


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Strap Width
STR555 strapping machine Includes a roll of Mosca polypropylene strapping; (1x) 1/4'' PP 5040W240-H (S-PP1412088-W-5040) 5mm Core size: 8x8 Length: 24,000' Tensile strength: 120 lbs Or (1x) 1/4'' PP 6050W180-H (S-PP1418088-W-6050) 6mm Core size: 8x8 Length: 18,000' Tensile Strength: 180 lbs Or (1x) 3/8'' PP 9050W129-G (S-PP3825088-W-9050) 9mm Core size: 8x8 Length: 12,900' Tensile strength: 250 lbs Or (1x) 1/2'' PP1250W099-G (S-PP1230088-W-1250) 12mm Core size: 8x8 Length: 9,900' Tensile Strength: 300lbs
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New Strapping machine STR555

  • Table top strapping machine
  • Direct drive DC motor
  • Adjustable electronic tension from 10-88lbs
  • Locking casters
  • Cut and feed switch
  • Adjustable pre feed length control
  • 35.4″ W x 23″ D x 30.5″ H



Included a Mosca Strapping roll;

(1x) 1/4” PP 5040W240-H (S-PP1412088-W-5040)
5mm polyprop strapping
Core size: 8×8
Footage 24 000
Tinsel strength: 120 lbs


(1x) 1/4” PP 6050W180-H (S-PP1418088-W-6050)
6mm polyprop strapping
Core size: 8×8
Footage 18 000
Tinsel Strength: 180 lbs


(1x) 3/8” PP 9050W129-G (S-PP3825088-W-9050)
9mm polyprop strapping
Core size: 8×8
Footage: 12 900
Tinsel strength: 250 lbs


(1x) 1/2” PP1250W099-G (S-PP1230088-W-1250)
12mm Polyprop strapping
Core size: 8×8
Footage: 9 900
Tinsel strength: 300lbs


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