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LabelTac® Pro X Shipping Container ID (Marine) Printer Bundle

LabelTac® Pro X Shipping Container ID (Marine) Printer Bundle


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Color Capability: Single color
Max Label Width: 4 in
Power Supply: External universal switching power supply
                          Input: AC 100-240V, 2.5A, 50-60 Hz
                         Output: DC 24V 3.75A, 90W Max
Print Speed: Up to 6 in/sec
Label Types: Continuous, Die-cut, Blackmark, Fan-fold, Notch
Dimensions: 226 mm (W) x 198 mm (H) x 332 mm (D)
8.90 (W) x 7.80“ (H) x 13.07“ (D))
Type: Compact desktop
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Memory: 128MB RAM, 128MB Flash
Max Label Length: 450 in (37.5 ft)
Display: 3.5“ full-color LCD
Warranty: Full Lifetime
Weight: 8.27 lbs (3.75kg)
Includes: Print software & drivers, label templates, industrial symbol library, cables, user guide
QTY/UOM: 1/Each
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LabelTac® Pro X Shipping Container ID (Marine) Printer Bundle

If you utilize cargo containers to ship goods over seas, you understand just how critical proper shipping container identification is. Legible and accurate ID markings are vital for a safe and efficient shipment. However, these important markings tend to weather and fade away due to constant exposure of sea air and ocean spray. A loss of shipping identification could lead to assets getting harder to identify and track, causing late or at worst, missing shipments. With LabelTac® printed shipping container labels, identification is always present and easily noticeable, allowing you to breath easy knowing that your shipment will travel smoothly and arrive securely.

 Ensure safe shipping container travels over seas with the LabelTac® Pro X Shipping Container ID (Marine) Printer Bundle. We’ve carefully designed this bundle to meet the specific needs of those shipping cargo internationally, providing durable marine label supply engineered to withstand the harsh marine environments. LabelTac® Pro X Shipping Container ID (Marine) Printer Bundle comes complete with a LabelTac® Pro X Labeling Printer, LabelTac® BS 5609 Compliant Freight Container Supply, and print ribbon. Everything you need to get start printing shipping container IDs immediately. Labels printed on LabelTac® BS 5609 Compliant supply are rated to last 5+ years in most environments, and are designed to withstand frequent exposure to salt water and marine conditions.

Our labels are resistant to:

  • UV rays
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • General wear and tear such as smudging and scratches

Included in the set:

  • LabelTac Pro X 
  • BS 5609 Compliant - Freight Container Label Supply - 3 inch
  • LabelTac Pro Model Standard Print Ribbon - Black 

You can save up to hundreds of dollars by purchasing a bundle like this one instead of purchasing supply by the roll. Start your labeling project today and save!


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